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Optytel. 6 services to reduce your telecom costs

The Optytel Audit

In 80% of cases, billing errors can account for up to 14% of the bill

Detailed analysis of costs and usage
An in-depth analysis of your mobile phone fleet makes it possible to establish a standard profile of your mobile usage in order to create a benchmark. This enables several elements to be highlighted.

Quick wins

          Billing errors by your provider

          Unused or misused subscriptions

          Any inconsistencies between your initial contract and your bill.

In 80% of cases, billing errors can account for up to 14 % of the bill.

Ways to streamline your telecoms costs

Since 2008, our experts have identified some ten levers of optimisation. Based on this, they study and evaluate all possibilities for reducing your mobile fleet costs. Corrective actions can therefore be directly implemented in order to control your costs.  Once these possibilities have been validated technically, financially and organisationally, we will provide you with our recommendations. Enabling you to take effective action.

An estimate of savings in your mobile fleet

Our analysis always includes an estimate of the achievable cost-savings related to your mobile phone usage by using several levers:

          Better relationship management with your telecoms provider

          A programme to raise awareness among your employees to avoid misuse and waste

          Products that work with all providers. We offer these products when no supplier can provide structural solutions.

Transforming the user into an economic player

Raising awareness of usage and costs naturally and effortlessly reduces bills by 10%

An employee informed of the actual cost of what your company is providing to him or her becomes a more rational user, an economic actor. This is why we send each user an individual report with intelligent feedback permitting better individual self-management.

Raising awareness of usage and costs naturally and effortlessly reduces bills by 10%

Educating users through comparisons

If you wish, “push” technology can be used to send the employee a comparison that ranks his or her mobile phone usage relative to the average of his or her colleagues. This average can be determined within a department, an operating site, a country, etc. It’s up to you.

Involving managers and avoiding waste

In addition, we can automatically generate consolidated reports by Cost Centre / Subsidiary / Manager / Site / etc. and send them to your different managers. These reports are very much appreciated because they allow for costs to be monitored by cost centre. This will eliminate misuse and wastage.

The dashboard and action list

Each bill from the 67 different mobile providers currently included covers 38 different countries

Depending on your choice of content and format, we put in place rigorous financial management via reports and dashboards on costs, usage, practices, etc. These allow you to maintain a clear overview of your situation and retain control over it. But also, to see if our service meets your expectations.

Does your company operate internationally? Your usage and costs will be visible globally via a single Dashboard.

For international customers, Optytel analyses each mobile phone bill in 38 different countries

The action list

Each month, your mobile fleet manager receives a dashboard entitled Mobile Fleet Manager Action List. This is an exhaustive list of actions required to bring your mobile fleet up to date. Useful information is directly visible in the body of the e-mail with a graph illustrating the evolution of the actions to be taken and their value over time.

– A list of inactive lines for the month with their recurring charges

– A list of unidentified lines (not assigned to a user) with their monthly costs

– A list of “delivery failures” with their costs

– A list of incoming and outgoing lines.


On average, benchmarking can reduce costs by 15% on a like-for-like usage basis

Do you have to compile specifications? Renew your contract? Are you having trouble finding the best provider for your company?

On average, benchmarking can reduce costs by 15%

Optytel uses the observations made in your company to guarantee commercial conditions tailored to your usage, not to an average for the industry or your sector.

Optytel follows up by verifying, in your future bills, proper application of contractual amendments or changes requested from providers.

Management of specific contracts

Choose a neutral and independent partner to ensure the proper application of your specific contracts

Due to its large size and the large volumes involved, your mobile phone contract may often contain non-standard features. This is the case, for example, with Flat-Fee contracts. Management of these types of specific contracts starts where the negotiation process ends and as soon as implementation begins. The challenge? Successfully leveraging the commercial value of contracts negotiated by your organisation. However, the standard provider tools are not designed to support the specific contract features negotiated; they will not help you to measure either the proper implementation or the performance of your contract.

Your neutral partner to ensure the proper application of your specific contracts

Good practice calls for a neutral external partner to ensure the correct application of a specific mobile telephone contract.

Optytel does exactly this and proactively checks, on your behalf, that the terms of your contract are correctly applied.  The result? You have the assurance of making the most of your specific contracts.

Roaming solutions

For international travel, our solutions are up to 100 times cheaper than traditional providers

Globalisation of the economy means increased mobility for employees with sharp increases in mobile roaming usage and costs.

Wyfibox and EcoSim: our solutions for reducing roaming costs

For business travellers, we offer solutions up to 100 times cheaper than traditional providers:

Wyfibox  enables you to obtain WiFi anywhere without a SIM card for a fixed cost per day of use (

EcoSim (eSIM): the international eSIM card without roaming charges (

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