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Dear Sir or Madam,

As a Global Site IT Operations Manager I am responsible for the mobile fleet management and this includes the mobile cost optimization and awareness programme. At Allnex we use the Optytel service for more than five years. We started with Belgium, gradually added Germany, Italy, United States, Austria, and Netherlands; currently we are working on Australia and New Zealand.

The CYC service results with a few concrete deliverables:

  1. An email to each mobile user, the MUAC (Mobile User Awareness Campaign),
  2. Optionally, an email to the department responsible managers with a simple spending overview

for their reports,

  1. A dashboard (Unified layout whatever the Mobile Operator).


The monthly detailed invoices or call detail reports (CDR) from the different telecom operators are not clear and ifs difficult to directly transfer them to our employees (end users). There is also large variety of ways different (world-wide) telecom operators are delivering call information. The formats are not convenient and sometimes – because of their size – the CDR’s cannot be imported into Excel. So, we did not have a proper view on each user’s consumption, traffic patterns, the volume, consumption trend month after month, the average consumption within our organizations, etc… In the past we could not identify quickly excessive or abnormal usage as well as inactive SIM cards.

Optytel handles the monthly CDR’s of all the telecom operators in scope and delivers us standard dashboards (same user-friendly layout), one per country, so that we can consolidate and visualize at a glance all this information and take the necessary actions. Stop subscriptions for inactive SIM cards, negotiate more attractive rates for our company, or simply compare country by country the trends in mobile telephony.

Better still, the personalized email to our end users informs them rather than enforces anything. Our users adopt more discipline themselves when they see how they compare anonymously to their colleagues – this keeps therefore the TCO of mobile telephony service under control. Oh, and one more thing – when we look at the TCO this contains Optytel service cost as well: more minutes, more data, cost and usage transparency at a lower expense, year after year…

With all the above information covered I can only add that Optytel staff is always helpful and provides immediate response when requested to produce more in-depth analysis. I therefore recommend their services without hesitation.

I stay at your disposal in case you would need more information on that Service offered by CYC2.

Kind Regards.

Przemyslaw Raniczkowski
Global Site IT Operations Manager @ Allnex

Regarding: Benchmark Recommendation / Testimonial 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

As responsible of a fleet of 769 mobile devices, our department is in charge of optimizing the consumption and the governance. Our contract with Proximus was going to expire. After several contacts with our Proximus Account Manager, we could not get significant discounts and we were struggling to obtain relevant information. Optytel was already our supplier for the Wyfibox since the beginning of this year 2018. At that moment, with the acquisition of several Wyfibox, we finally found a solution for the out-of-Europe data roaming. So, we took the decision to use the Optytel “Market benchmark” service in order to strengthen our position before the next and final meeting with Proximus. To reach our objective the following criteria and methodology were used: 

  1. Belgian market customers 
  2. CYC2 customers 
  3. Same customer profiles (equivalent mobile fleets in terms of patterns and amount of SIM cards) 
  4. “Best observed pricing” at that moment 


To give evidence of the “Best observed pricing”, we received the right to mention to Proximus a couple of organization’s names. From that moment, our position was completely different, and we directly obtained from the operator much higher discounts. Moreover, during the meeting, the Optytel consultant was able to rectify “on the fly” consumption rules wrongly presented/explained by Proximus. So, we have really taken profit of the experience and competencies of Optytel. The results were above our expectations. 

l stay at your disposal in case you would need more information on the services offered by Optytel.

Yours sincerely,

Laurent Lesage
ICT Infrastructure Manager @ Beneo

Dear Sir or Madam,

As Senior IT Manager at Sumitomo Chemical Europe NV/SA I am responsible for the Mobile Fleet Management and this includes the Mobile Data Consumption. 

The activities of our company are international, so many of our users are regularly travelling to Asia, Middle East, and Africa. For years, there was simply no user-friendly solution on the market that would allow our employees to stay connected to the internet for an affordable price. Occasionally, our users rented 3G routers from airports shops, but it required some extra planning and administration. It was also not even possible everywhere.

As of today, the solution offered by traditional telecom operators in Belgium still make it hard to control costs and the users need to be extremely careful since data volume is generally limited. That limit can differ depending on the visited zone and often, the low included data volume limits the purpose.

On the Internet I have found the Wyfibox, a small device proposed by Optytel, a Belgian Company. I started with the acquisition of one Wyfibox in February 2019. The device has the same shape as a mobile phone, is very easy to use (just a single on/off button) and there is no configuration required. 

As soon as you get off the plane you start your Wyfibox and you get Wi-Fi. You become a Wi-Fi terminal for yourself, and for 4 other colleagues if necessary. The Wyfibox offers you unparalleled working comfort: no matter how much data is exchanged, the price stays the same, all over the world. If you don’t use it for a while, you don’t pay anything as there is no subscription!

There is also a security benefit since the colleagues have no need to use potentially unsecured networks shared by hotels, customers etc. The Wyfibox has its own SSID and Password. 

All of this brings peace of mind … to me and to my users. Their Feedback has been very positive from the beginning, and we rapidly acquired seven more boxes to cover our needs. 

I can only advise the use of the Wyfibox.

Kind Regards,

Sebastien Desmedt

Senior IT Manager @ Sumitomo Chemical

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